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Spectracoat Powder Systems

Spectracoat Powder Systems are used to apply electrically-charged powder to metal parts. Since the charged amount of powder is measured in kv/kilovolts, a professional gun allows you to select the kv while the novice guns come programmed at a low rate.

Powder Coating is advantageous over typical wet painting for many reasons; it is cheaper, ecologically friendly, and creates a more durable surface. Before spraying any item, it must be clean and free of dirt, grease and even oils from your hands.
Most professionals will use a winch to sandblast the item or dip in an acidic bath. After that, brush away any grit or residue and make sure the surface is completely dry.

The metal part being coated is connected to an electrode giving it a positive charge which attracts the powder and causes it to quickly adhere to the surface. After thoroughly coating, the item then goes in an industrial oven and baked at a high temperature for a precise amount of time. The thermoset polymer undergoes a molecular change which creates a strong bond and seamless shell surrounding the part.

Our Spectracoat Powder Coating Gun systems come in many different sizes to accommodate the beginner with small jobs, or large companies with industrial jobs in mind.
We carry manual guns, automatic, pressure hopper systems as well as digital systems. All of our products are affordable and guaranteed. We also carry replacement parts and over 500 different shades of powder with the ability to create custom colors for your specific needs.

Whether you are a non-coating consumer, just starting out in powder coating, or are already well established in the industry, we invite you to explore our online catalog or pick up the phone to talk to one of our technical sales staff with industry proven experience in the powder coating manufacturing and application business.

We also offer high quality replacement powder gun parts. We have parts available for our SpectraCoat brand as well as most other major manufacturers such as Wagner, Germa, Nordson, Colo, Parker Ionics, Eurotec, Sames and KCI.

Spectracoat Powder Systems, a trusted name around the world in the powder coat industry.

Please visit our Category page for specifications on individual systems. Click Here

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I just did a set of fat bobs for my softail, clear is a must to make it pop but this is the coolest powder copy I've ever done.
Kendall hardman
Aug 1, 2015

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