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Wanted to write you all and thank you for the recent and past customer service I have received from you. If ever there has been an issue, PBTP has resolved it quickly and effectively...I can stand behind my customer service because of your team- I can’t imagine my business without PBTP. Thanks for the recent help with an RAL 8007 issue, the support was top notch! Thanks again!

- Justin Mitchell, All American


I have the es-02wc with the wave board and let me tell you it is GREAT!! Good multi coat and little waste very nice gun.

- Matt Price, 834 Powder Coating


It's good to see a company like yours giving something back like a chance to start a business. A chance to make a life for themselves. A chance to better their community. That's what I will do and have wanted to do for a long time now and have finally found the company with everything I need. Hope to be doing business with you soon.

- Joe Ringer


About 4 years ago I wanted to customize motorcycle, as I am a factory trained technician I wanted to get in to painting as a way of increasing my business, as I was researching where to learn how to paint I heard about powder coating and I was amazed at how it works. I was sold. I started with a small hobby cup type gun. I did not take very long for me to figure out that I needed to get a better system, so I looked around for a better system when I found powder buy the pound I really liked their range of systems that they offered, as I was interested in mostly working on motorcycles I decided on the es02-p system with the 1 pound hopper. It fit my budget for all the features I could not go wrong! Once I got my system I was really impressed how easy it was to use, clean, and change colors I knew I had made the right choice!!!! It was exactly what I was looking for. I now have expanded to more than just motorcycles as my oven is 4-4-6 I have done a lot of motorcycles, car parts, yard furniture. Basically if it can fit in my oven I'll powder coat it! It is so easy to use my 7 year old son has been helping me. He looks forward to going to our shop to powder-coat. My business had increased and I am proud to say that I now have a family business, granted it is still a small business but I love the fact that it is something that we can do as a family.

- Roger R. Riebsam


WOW! I really didn’t believe it would be as simple as your YouTube video shows, but it really is. I set my ESO2 gun up, per instruction video, and couldn’t believe the results. The first piece I sprayed with the test powder came out perfect and now I have an awesome looking set of truck wheels. The only bad thing is that all my friends want theirs done now. I have never been able to paint anything with consistency, but this makes it so easy to get excellent results and an amazing finish. Also the customer service is very helpful and someone is always there, ready to answer the phone. It’s so nice to be able to talk to a real person!! Thanks PBTP!!!

- David Isner, Powder Coat Fanatic


I've used other powder coat systems in the past and thought I was doing a good job... Until I bought the ESO2 system. WHAT A DIFFERENCE! The powder goes on evenly and effortlessly, even in the tight bends and creases, there's almost no way to do a bad job with this gun. Don't waste your money on a cheap gun, when basically it will end up in the trash or donated to one of your friends in the end. This is worth every penny and I would highly recommend one. We also just posted a quick video of the ESO2 powder system in use at our shop. Enjoy! Here's the link to the video on YouTube. Thanks!


- Chris Chappell, Chappell Customs


I purchased the SpectraCoat ES02-wf system about a year ago and ABSOLUTELY LOVE the results that I am able to produce with this system! Multiple coats are a breeze; faraday areas are a thing of the past. The smooth even flow and coverage this system produces has sold ITSELF for me! Cleanup and color changes are a snap. The system simply breaks down quickly (with no tools) for easy cleanup with just compressed air. If I could recommend ANY changes to this system to make it better, I WOULD! BUT CAN'T THINK OF ONE! I would most certainly recommend this to anyone interested in powder coating. It just eliminates a lot of the common problems with applying powder, PERIOD. One very happy SpectraCoat (PBTP) customer..

- Scott Simmns, Scott’s Powder House


Powders are always perfect as described and the prices are unbeatable. They always get here fast and well packaged. Huge selection and excellent service, what more could anyone ask for. PBTP has helped me in so many ways, but especially with profitability. I can turn my products around fast while offering any color and not worry about carrying a huge inventory. Everyone wants something different these days, and now it’s possible and profitable thanks to PBTP! Looking forward to many more years with you guys. Thanks again.

- Brian Lawlor, Signature Products


Powder by the pound has made my company successful. I own the only powder coating business in the small Central American country of Belize. Shipping paint and equipment to a third world country can be a huge headache but PBTP is the best at what they do. Ordering is always hassle-free and prompt. Nicole, Sara, Shannon, and Brittany are always a pleasure to talk to. Of all the companies I deal with, PBTP is outstanding, their products and service are number one. Thanks once again and keep up the good work, I really do appreciate it.

- Jeff Mulholland, Belize Powder Coating


Awesome gun just got it today really simple to setup. Very well made product! Started messing around with the practice powder, I think I must have coated anything metal laying around my garage. Thanks PBTP!

- Garrett


After moving into a new shop last year with more room I decided to start powder coating in house instead of sending out work out to a local company. We struggled with lamps and another company's hobby gun for 9 months before picking up a SpectraCoat ES02 gun set up. The hobby gun took us weeks to master and figure out its quirks. The SpectraCoat had no quirks, set it up in our spray booth- started coating and never looked back. Before we had to hot flock multiple coats and Faraday cage areas. Most pieces we do have multiple corners and pockets- we wasted hours with the hobby gun trying to get powder to stick in these areas, with the ES02 Faraday wave board the powder goes right into the corners and pockets just like a flat area. I also sell a ton of black chrome, when using the hobby gun we would have to do the first coat of chrome then hot flock the black chrome since it wasn't power full enough to get the powder to stick on the second coat. This would sometimes cause pinholes and cause us to go back and strip and restart. With the ES02, the powder sticks great on multiple coats. To be honest for the money i was skeptical before buying this gun since the price was on the lower end- but with the money back guarantee I figured it was worth a shot, after using it I will definitely be picking up a dual gun SpectraCoat system within the next few months.

- Andrew

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