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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why do I have fisheyes, bubbles, or some other issues in my finished product?

A. Most of the time, we don't like to hear it, but it is normally part of the process which has messed it up. Powder is made and put through extreme quality testing; prior to production it is tested, during production it is tested and then at the end it, well is tested. The batch you got was already monitored A LOT. Substrait prep is so vital to our line of work, check your process and then check it again. We never like to accept we are doing it wrong, but most of the time- application or prep is the bad guy.

Q. How long will powder last before it goes bad?

A. We do not keep powder longer than 6 months, some say a year shelf life. Others say as long as it is in a cool dry place it will keep for longer. Our recommended time is 6 months from the date you received it, will fall withing the one year shelf life (overall time) period.

Q. I can't seem to get powder to stick to the panel, why?

A. The number one reason we see people have issue with adhesion to the panel is the ground. Check your ground, to the unit, the part and from the booth to your main. Another issue could be on second coats, up your KV on second coat, and try that. Most of the time it will be a grounding issue.

Q. What gun do I have, is it the manual gun II,III, or VIII?

A. Please look at the end of your gun, with any electrodes removed, and refer to this picture --> Gun Guide

Q. Why is my paint not the same color that is on the website?

A. Many answers on this one, screen resolution, angle of the light, type of light you are looking at the part, the mil thickness of your part. The pictures are to give a general idea of the color, and we sell sample panels so you can compare the part to the product.

Q. I see you sell 'sample panels', what are they?

A. Our sample panels are business-card sized pieces of aluminum that we have hand sprayed with each color. This allows you to see EXACTLY what the color looks like when applied to metal.

Q. I have a liquid color that I would like an exact match to, can you do that?

A. Powder paint, is not liquid. While we can get it really close, we can not be as precise at liquid in all situations. It is a different process and not as easy as it seems. While the product has come a long way, we continue to develop it each day.

Q. Can I mix powders, will putting flake in my powder make it spray different, can I spray......?

A. We get all sorts of questions daily, on different ideas people have, and ask if they can/what will happen if...The simple answer is this: Try it- As long as it is not mixing chemicals! Powder coating is fairly new, and there are so many questions of what can be done yet. A lot is truly trial and error, and LUCK! Enjoy it!