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55" Infrared Oven Model FPB55-H1-18
    55" Infrared Oven Model FPB55-H1-18
    Purchase 55" Infrared Oven Model FPB55-H1-18
    • SKU: SKU2108711
      55" Infrared Oven Model FPB55-H1-18
      For Powder Coating Curing Process

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    Modular and Portable Electric IR Bank Concept:
    The “modular” portable approach to paint and powder curing creates the flexibility to apply the best infrared emitter for the dry-off, boost, flash-off, gel, pre-gel or total cure application; and this approach includes the simplicity, efficiency and quickness desired to accomplish the finishing process. These electric IR banks offer:
    • Easily set up banks to configure to the finishing process and product.
    • Quickly move and store the banks when not in.
    • Move the banks to assist in other finishing operations.
    • Models can be oriented to heat small-medium-large parts and can be grouped or aligned to create an infrared tunnel for use on even the longest coated parts.
    • Banks range from 33”H x 31”L heat patterns, up to 44”H x 66”L patterns; Fostoria will provide FREE testing and engineering to design and specify the equipment needed for the finishing operation.
    • The individual modular sections on the banks accept short or medium wavelength infrared emitters, in a large range of wattages and all industrial voltages (1 or 3), to meet the exact watt densities required for the application.
    The Advantages of Electric Infrared Heat
    • Efficiency – focus the IR at the product and heat the coating, not the ambient air; instant on-off; no time wasted bringing emitters up to temperature.
    • Repeatable results – consistent performance through effective control of the amount of heat required, even if pass through or dwell times vary; many control options are available.
    • Smaller footprint – these IR banks use very little floor space, especially when compared to conventional curing ovens.
    Advantages Continued . . .
    • Generally less capital expense – modular design and comparatively less component and structural costs translate into lower capital expenditures.
    • Clean and safe – no by-products of combustion; very little maintenance required and no moving parts on the IR banks.
    # Sections per bank 3
    Emitters per bank (3) 3000 Watt
    Wattage per bank 9 Kw
    Voltage (1-PH) 240
    Amperage per bank 40A
    Pattern per bank 33"H x 55"W
    Ht. (incl. stand) 75"
    Shipping Wt. (lbs) 200
    Construction Specifications:
    • Heat Sections consist of an integral gold anodized aluminum reflector and GAA end caps.  Standard reflector disperses IR energy across a 130⁰ pattern with the reflected IR in a tighter 65⁰ pattern.
    • Standard section is 11” wide and either 44” or 55” long; optional widths are 5-1/2” and 16-1/2”; optional lengths include 16”, 22”, 31” and 66” lengths.
    • All sections are designed so they can be bolted together side-by-side or end-to-end; making the assembly of small, medium and large banks possible.
    • Sections are designed to accept ONE or TWO short wavelength (T-3 lamps), medium wavelength (quartz tubes) or long wavelength (metal sheath) IR emitters; at a wide range of wattages at all standard industrial voltages. All sections/banks can be wired for single or 3 phase operation; and in series, parallel or combinations to suit the process and controls requirements.
    • Sections are mounted to a heavy-duty steel stand with durable and lockable casters for ease of mobility and stability. Stands can be adjusted to accommodate various width heat sections.
    • Optional blowers can be integrated into heat sections to add air to the finishing or dry-off process; and to wick away moisture during the cure of water based coatings.
    • All standard model banks have a 100A rated disconnect, with ON/OFF switch with lockable handle.