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Pen Blade #15
    Pen Blade #15
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    • SKU: SKUPB15
      Pen Blade #15

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    PenBlade is the first high quality, intuitive blade designed for the workplace. Utilizing an ergonomic grip and a superior quality blade, PenBlade makes precise cuts with minimal effort. The self-retracting safety mechanism is activated without changing the grip to create a truly effective safe solution.

    Click Pen Muscle Memory
    Uses existing muscle memory to extend the blade, as opposed to commonly used sheath-sliding or box cutting motions.
    Instrument quality
    An ergonomic grip, high quality stainless steel blade, and improved weight for maximum precision.
    Front Release Button
    Convenient location for immediate protection of the blade after use.
    Blade Retraction without repositioning the Hand
    Minimizes the motion & effort required to make the device safe.
    "Click" Equals Safe
    An audible click indicates the blade is fully protected and safe without looking.
    Cost Savings
    Decreased injury risk results in significant cost savings.