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Powder Buy the Pound facility
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Powder Buy the Pound's facility
Powder Buy the Pound facility
Powder Buy the Pound's facility
Powder coating training lab

Powder Coating Training 4 Day Class

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Develop your skill with a complete, hands-on powder coating experience in a small group setting at our industrial shop with advanced lab time. With a comprehensive manual and individual attention in our fully functional and clean powder coating shop, you will learn the process, tips and tricks, spraying technique, and troubleshooting skills to prep, spray and cure like a professional and manage your successful and profitable powder coating shop.

The 4-day training icludes Powder Tech 101 with the following training:

  • Different powder types 
  • Powder curing
  • Equipment setup and variations
  • Powder spraying and alternate application
  • Second coating tricks
  • Third coat, fourth coat, and possibilities for more
  • Hot spraying "flocking"

Learn how to prepare part substrates, including

  • Chemical stripping
  • Media blasting (sand blasting)
  • Degreasing
  • Conversion coatings such as iron phosphate  
  • MEK, Acetone, denatured alcohol
  • Final prep

Hands on instruction on how to use

  • Powder coating controllers (settings, set-up, and variations in use)
  • Powder preparation, storage and preservation
  • Pressure hoppers, fluidizing hoppers, vibrating hoppers
  • Ceaning and maintaining equipment

Learn to avoid and correct

  • Back ionization
  • Contamination
  • Out gassing

This advanced 4-day training also includes:

Creative Powder Applications

  • Liquid-2-powder products
  • Mixing
  • Application techniques
  • Curing tricks fpr multiple coats
  • Taping and masking
  • Creative powder blending
  • Creative powder application 

PLUS, bring your own parts day 4 to practice in the classroom with your instructor for guidance, and take home a finished piece!

  • Work with our free sample powders on your part
  • Get a classroom discount on powders for use in training
  • Practice more of what you need to learn
  • Get valuable instructor feedback and help with your technique ad parts

A non-refundable deposit of half the complete class cost is required at the time of scheduling training. Your deposit will secure your seat for all training classes scheduled. Changes in schedule are managed on a case-by-case basis. Please give advance notice whenever possible of a change in your schedule. All efforts wll be made to reschedule your reserved class time in case of emergency.


Reviewed by Lenny Round, 08/28/2014

After powder coating for a few years I inquired about the 4 day class PBTP offers. After speaking to Paul I decided to fly out and give it a try. Even though I had the basics down in coating I learned so much from Paul & Lenny. Found some new tricks, money savers and perfected our procedures and set-up. The guys were very detailed and professional. From the office to the instructors the PBTP Team is great. I highly recommend the classes and their services.

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