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Powder Coating Training 4 Day Class

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Completely hands on learning, Very Little Classroom!
Powder Tech 101:
  • Powder types
  • Powder curing
  • Powder applications
  • 2nd and multiple coating
  • Heat flocking
Learn how to prep parts and substrates
  • Chemical stripping
  • Media blasting
  • Degreasing
  • Out gassing
  • Iron phosphate cleansing and coatings
  • MEK, Acetone, denatured alcohol
  • Final prep
Hands on instruction on how to use
  • Powder coating controllers (settings, set up, and use)
  • Pressure hoppers
  • Fluidizing hoppers
  • How to clean and do on going maintenance on equipment
Learn to avoid or correct
  • back ionization
  • contamination
  • out gassing
Learn to Prep and Spray Ceramics
Learn Liquid 2 Powder Applications
  • Mixing
  • Application Techniques
Bring your own parts and you will have time on Day 4 to apply your new knowledge and creativity towards actual permanent work piece(s). In addition, our Hydrographics class can be added at the reduced rate of $150.00 when attending this class.
Reviewed by Lenny Round, 08/28/2014

After powder coating for a few years I inquired about the 4 day class PBTP offers. After speaking to Paul I decided to fly out and give it a try. Even though I had the basics down in coating I learned so much from Paul & Lenny. Found some new tricks, money savers and perfected our procedures and set-up. The guys were very detailed and professional. From the office to the instructors the PBTP Team is great. I highly recommend the classes and their services.

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