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Powder Coating Training 2 Day Course

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Completely hands on learning, Very Little Classroom!
Powder Tech 101:
  • Powder types
  • Powder curing
  • Powder applications
  • 2nd and multiple coating
  • Heat flocking
Learn how to prep parts and substrates
  • Chemical stripping
  • Media blasting
  • Degreasing
  • Out gassing
  • Iron phosphate cleansing and coatings
  • MEK, Acetone, denatured alcohol
  • Final prep
Hands on instruction on how to use
  • Powder coating controllers (settings, set up, and use)
  • Pressure hoppers
  • Fluidizing hoppers
  • How to clean and do on going maintenance on equipment
Learn to avoid or correct
  • back ionization
  • contamination
  • out gassing
Our Hydrographics class can be added at the reduced rate of $150.00 when attending this class.
Reviewed by {no name given}, 09/09/2014

The class was extremely helpful! I have been powder coating for a short while now and I learned so many things that are essential to powder coating that I did not know before. Paul was great, very well informed about the work we do. If you ask a question he takes the time to explain the answer. I took my girlfriend with me and she loved the class as well. We both were very pleased with the whole set up.

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