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RAL 3020 Red Thermoplastic
    RAL 3020 Red Thermoplastic
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      RAL 3020 Red Thermoplastic

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    Application Guide

    To get the full benefits of the material, metal components to be coated must be free of rust, grease, and other contaminants For best results, sharp corners, edges and ridges should be rounded off before the coating is applied. Weld seams should be without pores and as smooth as possible. After cleaning, mechanical or chemical treatment may be necessary. For maximum adhesion, a sand or grit blasted surface is recommended. If chemical pretreatment is desired, appropriate chemical pretreatment based on metal type (steel vs. galvanized) should be employed. Abcite® X45 is normally applied without adhesion promoters, with outstanding levels of adhesion being attained. The part holding/hanging point should be chosen so that either it can remain uncoated (threads, drill holes etc.) or can easily be coated at a subsequent stage.
    This step is not necessary, but it is highly recommended to increase coating thickness and maximize adhesion. Heat the part at 80°F to 250°F depending on the type of metal and thickness. The optimum combination of preaheating time and oven temperature must individually be determined for each new part.
    Both Corona charging and Tribo charging guns can be used with different types of nozzles. The voltage and the spraying time have to be adjusted for each new part. Further details may be obtained from our company. Filtered air – dry and degreased – should be used to spray the powder.
    Heat part at 300°F to 320°F for 5 to 20 minutes depending on the metal thickness, understanding that the part will continue to “cure” until ambient cool down. There is no crosslinking with the thermoplastic Abcite® X45. When the powder has melted to form a smooth coating no further heating is required. Fish eyes or sag may occur with excessive temperature or time.
    Coated parts can be air-cooled or water quenched. Higher gloss may be obtained by water quenching the part immediately after post heat.
    The coating thickness will typically be 4-10 mils depending on the spraying process. Thicknesses up to 16 mils can be obtained with additional preheating. A second coating can also be used to increase film build.

    Disclaimer: Powder Buy the Pound does not guarantee the color you see on your screen in your powder-coated jobs. Colors may vary from the actual product due to your screen resolution, viewing device and other settings outside our control. It is strongly recommended that you powder coat a sample, before applying the powder on your actual job.