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SpectraCoat Powder Coating 101 Training (2 Day)
    SpectraCoat Powder Coating 101 Training (2 Day)
    Purchase SpectraCoat Powder Coating 101 Training (2 Day)
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      SpectraCoat Powder Coating 101 Training (2 Day)

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    Develop your skill with a complete, hands-on powder coating experience in a small group setting. We hold all trainings at our industrial shop, located in historic Nolensville, TN. You will learn how to prep, spray, and cure like a professional.

    Our 2 day classes are held on Monday-Tuesday, 8:30 AM - 3:30 PM. You will be contacted to set the date of your class. Please have a few options available options for dates. All dates are first come/ first serve, with limited seating for each class. Maximum 4 students per class. All students must wear a facial covering while in our building, regardless of medical conditions or exceptions. If you cannot wear a mask we will allow you to book a class once the CDC no longer advises to wear facial coverings. 

    The 2-day SpectraCoat Powder Tech 101 includes the following training:

    • Different powder types 
    • Powder curing
    • Equipment setup and variations
    • Powder spraying and alternate application
    • Second coating tricks
    • Third coat, fourth coat, and possibilities for more
    • Hot spraying "flocking"

    Learn how to prepare part substrates, including

    • Chemical stripping

    • Media blasting (sand blasting)
    • Degreasing
    • Conversion coatings such as iron phosphate  
    • Quick Strip, Acetone, denatured alcohol
    • Final prep

    Hands on instruction on how to use

    • Powder coating controllers (settings, set-up, and variations in use)
    • Powder preparation, storage and preservation
    • Pressure hoppers, fluidizing hoppers, vibrating hoppers
    • Cleaning and maintaining equipment

    Learn to avoid and correct

    • Back ionization
    • Contamination
    • Out gassing

    You also get a one-time use classroom discount on powders or parts (valid day of class or up to 1 month after class)

    ** A non-refundable deposit of half the complete class cost is required at the time of scheduling training. Your deposit will secure your seat for all training classes scheduled. Changes in schedule are managed on a case-by-case basis. Please give advance notice whenever possible of a change in your schedule. All efforts wll be made to reschedule your reserved class time in case of emergency.